Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brocolli and Blue Cheese soup.

This is a soup i was served at a works dinner and thought that i would try and make my own version. I looked it up in books and the internet and found so many variations. I tried a few and plumped for a mix of a few. So this is my take on this classic soup.

Ingredients: -

1 litre chicken stock (you can use ham stock, but i think Ham makes it a little salty).
500g broccoli
250g blue cheese (a nice creamy cheese works best), if it’s really strong use maybe 200g
1 onion chopped
Knob of butter

Method: -
1 - Melt butter and soften onions.

2 - Add stock and broccoli. Simmer till the broccoli is cooked.

3 - Blitz the mix with a hand blender or liquidiser.

4 - Break the cheese into small pieces and add to the liquidised soup. Stir till the cheese has melted.

It’s easy and delicious. people taste it and remark how good it was, then can't believe how simple it is when I give them the recipe.

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