Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Office Buffet

I was away with business the other day and was at a vendors factory doing an inspection of some large mechanical equipment. It was a real boring day, and just then the receptionist came in with a few platters of food.

The food looked great, not the usual sandwiches and cold chicken drumsticks, or rubberised chicken saty from a large frozen food store.

This stuff came in like a real chef had prepared it. it my complete surprise the receptionist told me that is was from Waitrose.

Honestly i was really surprised as i didn't know waitrose did this sort of thing. I got talking to her and she then told me that she found out about them when they did the food for her nieces christening, and then she got waitrose to do food for the buffet at her wedding.

Well i was impressed and have added a link at the side and bottom of the blog so you can have a look for yourself.

Take care and will blog back soon.

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