Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of my favourite kitchen gadgets next to my knives is a Hand Blender. If you do not have one then it really is a must. It is so versatile for making sauces and blending soups that I couldn’t be without mine.

I use a Braun, and I have got loads of attachments for it from ice breakers to whisks. But to be honest I use it mostly for blending soup and sauce in the pot, and don’t need to take it out, into a liquidiser and then back to a pot.

If you have not got one then get one, you will wonder how you were able to live without it before.

I have put a few on the Amazon shop for you to look at, they don’t cost much, and are a god send. I know many chef use them too so they can’t be that bad if Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have one.

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