Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carrot and Coriander Soup

Following on from my last post saying that it is all going to be healthy foods, I decided to make carrot and coriander soup at the weekend. All fresh and healthy.

Well it was made and the whole pot was finished in two days. My wife and 7 month old daughter loved it, and I had the nappy changes to prove it was healthy.

Anyway here is the recipe:

1 large chopped onion
2 cloves of garlic
500g of chopped peeled carrots
100g of chopped potato
2 litres of chicken stock
A good handful of fresh coriander
250ml tub of low fat Cream fresh

Method: -

1 – Put the onions and garlic in a large pan with a little oil and soften till the onions are transparent.

2 – Add the chopped carrots and potato.

3 – Add the chicken stock (you can use vegetable stock if required).

4 – Simmer the soup until the veg is all cooked and soft, usually about 45 mins.

5 – Add the coriander and liquidise using a hand blender. (you can also use the liquidiser and blitz a bit at a time, and season to taste

6 – Now you can either add the cream fresh now and stir into the soup, or add it when serving as a spoonful in the middle of the bowl.

7 – Enjoy this with some crusty bread.

Now be careful, we managed to finish all of this soup in two days, and we paid the penalty with regular trips to the toilet. Maybe too much info there, but it is so delicious.


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  2. What type of blender do you use? I am looking into the options on Robert Dyas, http://www.robertdyas.co.uk/C~200175~Blenders+++Juicers, but I amn't sure which would be best?