Monday, October 26, 2009

What you need in the kitchen - A good set of knives

I have always said it and will keep saying it to everyone i know. the best thing to have in the kitchen is a good set of knives.

I do not know about you, but how many times have you been away to a self catering apartment only to find the knives in the drawer are blunt. Cutting onions is like trying to use a brick to dig the garden.

So a good set of stainless steel knives are king in the kitchen.

I would recommend three, a pairing knife, a boning knife and a large chef’s knife as a minimum. I also have a number of others I use but these are the minimum I would recommend.

I have tried to put them on the shop, and looked for the best value possible. Do not buy cheep knives as it is not worth the money. I spent nearly £100 on three knives and a sharpener over 18years ago and they are still as good as they were new.

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